Fashion Math: Seven Outfit Equations That Always Come Out Positive

Click through for seven clothing combinations guaranteed to look good.

Your 100% Non-Offensive Guide To Cinco de Mayo Style

Unless you're attending an authentic Mexican fiesta, it's a little offensive to pile sombreros on ponchos on peasant skirts for Cinco de Mayo, no? Click through for seven things you can do instead.

From Basic To Bold: The Very Best LBDs For Every Kind Of Style

Because there is an overwhelming variety of LBDs out there to choose from, it's easier to start shopping with a specific style in mind. Click through to find which one suits your taste best.

Seven Things Victoria Beckham Taught Us About Uniform Dressing

Now entering the fourth decade of her life, Victoria Beckham has got her signature style down to a science. Click through to see how she did it (and how you can, too!).

When Should You Really Stop Wearing Tights?

The month of April begs the question: tights or no tights? We found the perfect formula.

10 Simple And Slimming Style Tricks Every Woman Needs To Know

Often, it's all about picking the right pattern, cut and fit for your unique body type.

12 Awesome Websites For Selling And Swapping Old Clothes

Have a wardrobe filled with stuff and absolutely nothing to wear? Click through for 12 sites that can help.

Consigning Your Clothes: What You Need To Know

How to sell all your unwanted stuff.

Seven Ways To Wear Your Spring Wardrobe Right Now

It's totally possible to enjoy all your new sundresses, sandals and jackets before next season even starts.

Annie Hall Style: 11 Ladylike Ways To Get Menswear Right

Click through to learn how to make layers of sports coats, ties, suspenders and tweedy trousers look good.

12 Things Lucky Editors Always Splurge On

From salon services to shoes to jeans, we've gathered 12 things our editors will always shell out for, no matter what. Click through for their picks!

Seven Modern Ways To Wear a Choker

The neck-hugging style's changed since the Spice Girls era.

Five Fast Steps For Mastering Minimalism

Click through for a crash course on less-is-more dressing.

Valentine's Day Gifts For Every Kind of Relationship

Whether you've been dating for five months or five years, we've got you covered.

13 Sneaky Ways To Stay Warm Without Wrecking Your Look

Click through for our editors' best cold weather style advice.

Winter Wardrobe Refresh: What To Toss, What To Keep, and What To Buy

You can get this done in just one day—we promise.

Last Minute Gift Guide: 11 Foolproof Presents You Can Buy On Christmas Eve

Fast and easy options for the holiday shopping procrastinator.

Five Socially Acceptable Ways To Wear Sweatpants In Public

Watch your back, jeans.

Seven Cozy Layers That Equal One Winter Puffer

Avoid the down jacket entirely.

Five Sneaky Ways To Make Your Winter Outfit Warmer

Sometimes you need more than just a great coat.

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