Try It: Steampunk Fashion

Find out what makes this romantic style tick.

Skirts and Boots!

Your no-fail guide to the perfect hemline/boot height/skirt shape combos, featuring the season’s chicest pieces.

Petite Figure Fashion Advice: Five Tips You Should Know

How to dress if you're short and slight—or just one of the two.

How To Rumble With Short Sleeves

A play by play of why it's cool and how to wear it.

I Think Leather Shorts Are Dumb

Find out how one of our favorite dude writers feels about leather shorts.

How to Look Amazing in a Mini Skirt

Styling tips for shorter hemlines.

How to Style Stuff You're Sick Of

Introducing my backlash to the backlash.

How to Wear Bold Florals

We get it—it's a daunting trend to tackle.

6 Style Tips for the Conservative Fashionista

How to make today’s trends work for your subdued style.

Five Quick Shopping Tips for Busy People

How to save money AND time.

What Colors Should You Pair With Your Colored Denim? Consult Our Color Wheel

This should make your outfit coordination a bit easier—not to mention easier on the eyes.

Seven Sneaky Ways to Score Free Stuff Online

Why spend money when you don't have to?

Make Yourself Look Way Smarter

By wearing this t-shirt. I can explain...

10 Fixes For A Bad Hair Day

New hair products, tools and cute accessories that'll save the day.

Discover Your True Style Personality and Which Key Pieces You Need

Start building your perfect wardrobe now.

How to Pull Off Parisian Chic

Ironically, it’s actress Melissa Farman, who’s about to play the very American Bristol Palin, with all the tips.

Snap Poll: Do You Match Your Bra to Your Underwear?

In a perfect world, I would. But...

Cute Outfit of the Day

What our editors are wearing the week of February 06, 2012.

7 Tips for Thrift Store Shopping

You won't believe the deals you can find.

Cute Outfit of the Day

What our editors are wearing the week of January, 30 2012.

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