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Kiehl's Essence Oils

In the Kiehl’s offices, they call the Original Musk perfume the Breakup Fragrance. Not because it causes breakups, but because, post-breakup, you dab a little on your wrists and step, chastened, back out into the world, and find yourself much more popular than you remember.

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The Beauty Closet: Laura Mercier Gel Lip Colour

It’s your lips but pink, coral, red and berry, mixed together into a subtle but bright color that truly enlivens anyone’s skin.

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The Beauty Closet: Cire Trudon Matches

These dinner-fork-length, green-tipped matches from Cire Trudon come in a box decorated with animal-headed revelers posing by a gigantic, wayward thistle—it’s just all I want in this world.

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Glow by Dr. Brandt Ruby Laser Technology

The retinol is time-released to minimize irritation, and it’s augmented with a 
pile of antioxidants and peptides for the necessary glowifying.

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