Beautiful Beach Hair Secrets From Five Roxy Surfers

Click through to see how five of Roxy's pro surfers keep their hair healthy.

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Beyoncé, Posh Spice and the Story Behind Our Editor-in-Chief's New Haircut

"I went to get a trim and I ended up cutting seven inches off," says Eva Chen, our editor-in-chief.

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Wait, Beyoncé's Hair Is Actually Kinda Long-Ish

That Instagram made it look like a pixie cut, but it's really more of a bob.

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Model Coco Rocha and Beyonce Have Have Something in Common

A very short something.

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How to Do This Pretty Summer Hairstyle

Grab some flowers and a clear elastic.

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Beyoncé Goes Super Short!

And it looks super GOOD.

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Lanvin Petite Hair Clips

My favorite is this hot pink pom-pom, which reminds me of the giant pink pom-poms stylish people put on their walls.

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Dear Lucky: 'How Do I Get Rid of Frizz?'

It depends on your hair type.

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Why Mousse (Yes, Mousse!) Will Make Your Hair Look Better Than Ever

It's not the crunchy curl creator you remember.

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The Panic-Free Guide to Surviving Summer's Biggest Beauty Emergencies

Crazy tan lines and green hair 'aint no thing.

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Diane Kruger's 10 Best Beauty Looks Ever, In Honor of the Actress' 37th Birthday

She celebrates her birthday, we celebrate her hair and makeup. Sounds about right.

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Six Effective Ways to Humidity-Proof Your Hair

The battle against frizz is a battle you can win.

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22 Out-of-Your-Face Hairstyles to Try This Summer

Braids, buns and sleek ponys that will keep you looking and feeling cool.

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Easy Summer Hairstyles That'll Get That Hair Off Your Neck

It's hot out. Pick your 'do accordingly.

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How to DIY a Great, Easy Surf Spray

It's too hot to blow dry anyway.

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