How to Trim Your Bangs at Home

It's not ideal, but we can help.

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Nicole Richie On Her Favorite Vintage Stores, Her Rock 'n' Roll Design Inspiration and How That Famous Haircut Came To Be

Her much-copied long bob wasn't pre-planned.

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The Best Anti-Aging Products for Your Hair

Six products that will preserve your hair's youth.

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Hair How-To: Three Steps to a Messy Chignon

Because anything French is always better.

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Extreme Eyeliner at Wildfox!

I am an eyeliner fiend—the bolder the better.

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Hair Obsessed: Davines

This shampoo has chestnut milk, y'all.

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Dear Lucky: Conditioner is Making my Fine Hair Limp, What Should I Do?

This new-style volume allows for more conditioner.

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Dear Lucky: How Do I Know if I Can Pull Off Bangs Before Getting Them Cut?

Try them on without getting a trim, all in the palm of your hand.

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Hair Obsessed: Oribe

I found the very best hairspray for short hair!

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Must-Have Beauty Electronics

At-home salon, anyone?

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My Three—well, Four—Top Beauty Destinations

Someone recently asked me to name my three favorite beauty destinations in New York City. I of course had to name four...

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Your Favorite Skin Cream…Now Works On Your Hair!

Shinifying, conditioning, strengthening formulas that leave your hair gorgeous.

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Hair Straightening Options: Which Is Right for You?

Thermal reconditioning changed my life. Seriously.

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How To Get Shiny Hair

Hair products for every hair type.

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Wavy Hair: How to Get It From a Flat Iron

It's easier than you think.

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