Beauty Obsession of the Week: MAC Heroine Lipstick

Why we're really into purple lipstick right now.

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Long-Lasting Lipsticks That'll Stay Put Through Any Holiday Celebration

Spend less time touching up and more time revelling with family and friends.

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Dear Lucky: 'Is Lip Balm/Lipstick Addictive?'

While lip items might feel addictive—as in, I loved that, let’s do that again—they are not.

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The Five Rules to Pulling Off Burgundy Lipstick

How to wear and apply the most dramatic color of the season.

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Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor

This marine blue lip balm leaves a faint but perceptible blush—as if you were just naturally a sexier person.

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Lipstick Trends Through the Decades: A Colorful Walk Down Memory Lane

The most popular lip colors from the 1920s on.

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Science Says Men Can't Resist Red Lips

We've got the data to prove it.

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11 Crazy Good Lip Colors We Saw at NYFW

Orange! Purple! Red!

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10 Fashion Week-Perfect Outfits You'll Want (Even if You're Not Going to Fashion Week)

It's all in how you accessorize.

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Why Lilac Is The Perfect Transitional Beauty Color

And eight products we love.

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Dior Lip Jelly in Gaia

It’s the perfect bright poppy-pink-­coral shade that’s sheer but still there!

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Six Melt-Proof Lipcolors That Won't Turn to Mush in Your Makeup Bag

Avoid your designer tote's worst nightmare.

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Sky Ferreira's Best Bold Lipstick Looks: Here's How to Get 'Em!

You'll be pouting, but you'll be happy.

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A Dude's Perspective: Glow in the Dark Lipstick

The lowdown on what guys are digging this week.

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Eight Reasons We'll Always Be On Team Lipstick

See if you can find a common thread.

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