My Mom, The Style Icon

In Honor of Mother's Day: The Best of "My Mom The Style Icon"

A tribute to the most stylish women we know.

Naomi Campbell's Mom, the Style Icon: Valerie Morris

“When I’d watch my mom get dressed to go out, I was always entranced.” —Naomi Campbell

My Mom, The Style Icon: Peggy Lipton

My mom could throw on a T-shirt and make it look amazing.

My Mom, The Style Icon: Jane Kwon

Fashion director Anne Keane's mom dressed up to take her kids to the playground.

My Grammy, the Style Icon: Mary Gilman

Classic, outdoorsy Mary Gilman embodied Yankee confidence and style.

My Mom, the Style Icon: María Olga Fernández

My mother marched to the beat of her own drum.

My Boyfriend's Mom, The Style Icon

At 15, cutting school to do test shots at Coney Island, she already had her breezy, blithely chic look.

My Mom, the Style Icon: Robin Morris

This '80s soap opera star passed up the decade's sequins and shoulder pads for the more classic glamour of menswear-inspired basics.

My Mom, the Style Icon: Michelle Phillips

My mom, Michelle Phillips, is famous for being the "California Dreamin' " flower child of The Mamas and the Papas, but she wasn't always a hippie.

My Mom, the Style Icon: Karen Willert

Her glamorous, bohemian look balanced somewhere between Halston and Stevie Nicks—total effortless chic.

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