The Ultimate Matte Black Tights

It is hard to find the PERFECT black tights. It’s almost like finding your perfect shade of red lipstick! Some tights are too shiny, too sheer, too short, too long, too tight in the waistband…. I have tried out and tried on hundreds of black tights (I’m not even kidding). Here are my personal faves:

Jenny Altman is a fashion editor at large and expert in intimates and fashion. She has represented brands such as Chantelle, Spanx and Wolford. As a bra-fitter and style expert, she has consulted for websites like, hosted events for retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman and worked as a market editor at Oprah, Marie Claire and of course, Lucky. Jenny instantly "sizes up" women everywhere and is on a mission to help women find their right size—one bra at a time!



I can’t say enough about their tights. I LOVE them and have given them out like candy when I’ve had the chance. The waistband is flat, seamless and non-existent. They don’t fall down. The black is matte and never fades.


Velvet de Luxe 66 tights have been a staple for every fashion editor and stylist forever because they are the best. They do feel like velvet. I have had some of my Wolford tights for years, and I’ve heard women swear they have been wearing the same ones for 2, 7, even 12 years! Worthy investment, I say.


Because everyone needs to refresh their hosiery stash each season for only $13.50! Hue’s Super Opaque Tights are SUPER opaque. Perfect for the ultimate black-out, especially when you don’t want control top, but they have a control top version, too.



Their dreamy merino tights are unlike any other-wool on the outside, cotton on the inside. Just when the temperatures and frigid and you think you won’t wear a dress or skirt 'till spring…you discover knit tights. Thanks to Falke I’m still wearing miniskirts!

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