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Non-Leather Bag
Got a lot to tote around? Anyone who's ever schlepped a big leather purse around on a 90-degree day knows that by midday, that cool calfskin usually morphs into a sticky, sweaty mess. Worse, should you choose to carry a dark-hued bag while wearing, say, a pretty white sundress, there's a definite chance that that color could rub off on your once-pristine lacy number—especially if you find yourself caught in a sudden summer downpour. Your best bet for sweltering weather? A canvas, raffia, tweed or otherwise woven carryall, which tends to be more resistant to color transfer and is totally sweatproof.
Super-Simple Leather Sandals
It may sound contradictory, but while a leather bag's not the best choice for the summer heat, a minimalist leather sandal most certainly is. Unlike a super-strappy gladiator (which, let's face it, is a magnet for crazy tan lines) or a synthetic pair (which can leave your feet feeling sweaty—no thanks!), real leather will mold to your foot like nothing else. The fashion world favors classic pairs from K. Jacques and Ancient Greek Sandals, but there are plenty of great options available on the high street, too.
Hair Accessories
During the summer, I start pretty much every day with my hair pulled up in some sort of ponytail or topknot—and I suspect I'm not alone. It's the perfect season to invest in some cool hair ties and oversized barrettes—and get all that heavy hair off your neck and out of your face.
Cross-body Bag
If you can get away with carrying next to nothing, a tiny cross-body bag's another great option. Come to think of it, why not pick up one of these hands-free carryalls and <i>then</i> pare down your stuff to fit? Trust us: you'll be far happier running around in the summer heat without a bunch of &quot;essentials&quot; weighing you down. Again, if it's in some sort of woven material, so much the better.
Perforated Flats
Been delaying that much-needed pedicure? Don't fret—sandals aren't your only footwear option for scorching days. A woven, lace or otherwise perforated ballet flipper, loafer or oxford will look sharp and season-appropriate—and most importantly, it'll let your toes breathe. Yay for ventilation!