One Perfect Everyday Bag, Five Different Ways

Maybe you want a colorblocked, Céline-y style trapeze bag, but you can't afford the real one and three out of your ten best friends have the latest Zara version. So buy this one instead. It's from an obscure label, Oryany—a major plus because not as many people will have it— and it's both seriously grown-up-looking and big enough to fit a zoo of daily necessities: phone, sneakers, eye makeup, candy bars, whatever.

At $262, it's less of an investment than most of its similar siblings, plus (and this is maybe one of my favorite parts), it's got the added advantage of being lined in lime green fabric. No one else will notice it, but fishing for your iPhone will be a much faster process against that bright backdrop. Click through below to see five ways we'd style it, then shop it here.

For drinks, add a drape-y top, slim pants and some high-octane accessories, like 4-inch pumps and a studded, Hermès-y belt.

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