Mary-Kate and Ashley Make Some (Thankfully) Less-Pricey Backpacks for Elizabeth and James

Senior Digital Editor

Fact: there are more than a few major fans of The Row amongst our editorial staff. We're nuts about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's perfectly-cut blazers, insanely luxe striped sweaters and, of course, those coats. But if we had to name the label's ultimate design achievement since its 2006 inception, it'd undoubtedly be the brand's top-of-the-line drawstring backpacks. The crazy-expensive alligator version, priced at $34,000, somehow managed to sell out entirely—and for those looking for something even more exclusive, there was that $55,000 pill-covered version created in collaboration with artist Damien Hirst. For style savantes who'd prefer to spend four figures rather than five on their backpacks, a still-in-stock $3,900 version is currently available in smooth calfskin. Frankly, however, most of us can't afford any of the above. Sadface.

But now, with this season's launch of Elizabeth and James' new handbag range, the world's most famous twins are offering up similar carryalls at a way easier-to-swallow price point. Available in basic leather and both solid-colored and spotted calf hair, the sling-style backpacks are available to pre-order right now. Costing between $445 and $545, they're certainly still investment items—albeit ones we might actually be able to swing. Click through to get yours now!