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This stackable and sippable bangle is so ingenious, it's got a patent pending. (It's also backordered 'til September, but hey—the best things in life are worth waiting for, right?)
Bummed that you haven't yet traded in your sixth-generation iPod nano for the newest model? Don't be—the fact that you can transform it as a wristwatch with the help of one of these handy-dandy bracelets is reason enough to stick with your old favorite.
Beauty whiz Lisa Hoffman teamed up with editor-beloved jeweler Tom Binns to create these futuristic, sleek perfumed pendants. Each one unlatches to reveal wooden fragrance beads (in yummy scents like Tuscan fig, Madagascar orchid and Tunisian neroli) that can stand in for (or simply complement!) your go-to juice, making accessorizing and self-scenting a cinch.
Coordinating your bag and your bangle is a total no-brainer when one's attached to the other. Bonus: it's pretty difficult to accidentally leave your clutch in a taxi when you're literally chained to it.
If you're anything like us, you've probably got no less than five half-filled USB drives kicking around your desk. But Berlin designer Tonia Welter uses these everyday office implements as the foundation of her stunning silver jewelry. Her bracelets and necklaces (there are cufflinks for the dudes, too!) feature working USBs equipped with between two and four GB of memory—that's enough room to store hundreds, even thousands, of photos, songs and/or documents.
An activity-tracker, goal-setter and wristwatch all rolled into one, Nike+'s FuelBand is the ultimate motivation to get moving. And unlike most pedometer-type devices, it's actually aesthetically appealing, making it perfect for stacking next to your other bracelets and bangles. Looking good, feeling good.