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Major laces, major impact.
Limiting the print to the sole keeps these cat prints from purring too loudly.
Are you brave enough to let me see your peacock?
We're mad(ras) about this punchy take on our favorite Italian sneaks.
The perfect transitional shoe to take you from morning meetings to after-hours cocktails with ease.
Made for those of us who desperately miss stocking up on fresh school supplies every August.
Printed with the face of the man who made 'em—how meta!
Florals are every bit as alluring in classic, understated navy.
ln case you were wondering, Splendid's shoes are every bit as comfy and versatile as the brand's famous cotton basics.
Straight out of Megan Draper's closet.
The duo-toned straps and exotic-skin heel create the ideal one-two textural punch.
An entirely new way to wear tortoiseshell.
Buckle these on and just try not to have the best day ever. It's impossible!
We're fairly certain you'll "forget them not."
Could these bee any cuter?
Marie Antoinette, eat your heart out.
What Minnie Mouse might wear on date night.
We may be kinda on the fence about wedge sneakers, but there's no hiding our feelings for this particular pair.
"Diamonds are too expensive and heavy. No thanks, José!" #crystals
This summer's go-to sandal shape gets a graphic pick-me-up.
Fifteen percent of the proceeds from these Suno beauties goes toward helping protect endangered wildlife in Kenya—as if we needed another reason to scoop 'em up.
A daring new way to wear polka dots.
These have Olivia Palermo's name written all over them.
For best results, wear with a little white dress and let those hothouse florals take center stage.
A truly stellar, show-stopping sandal, courtesy of one of our favorite collabs to date.
"They're grrreat!"
When life hands you lemons...
Despite their transparency, sheer prints pack just as big a punch.
Just when we thought we couldn't fall any harder for this L.A. designer's signature d'Orsay flats...this happens.
Wear them with skinny denim or slim leather pants—something to let those glimmering crystals enjoy the undivided attention they deserve.
Leave it to Oscar to make a pair of slippers that has absolutely no business being confined to the bedroom.
Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me.
Inspired by ice cream—'nuff said.
At last, a solution for what to wear during "Yeezy season."
Let these become your shoe closet's star attraction—literally.
Sherbet stripes make for one super-summery pair of oxfords.
Cathedral chic.
"All I see are stilettos / I guess I never got the memo..."
You can't beat those Pierre Hardy cubes.
A groovy shape, made less kitschy with a classic tie print.
Like Damien Hirst canvases for your feet!
Party in the front and party in the back, much like a person with both a mullet and bangs.
You'll always have Paris—on your toes, that is.
Treat your feet to a tropical getaway.
The only thing that could make a pair of leopard pumps better? A sexy d'Orsay cutout, of course.
Beading and sequins and crystals, oh my!
The oil slick sheen is like the holographic trend's darker, dirtier, more downtown cousin. We're into it.
Grrr, baby. Very grrr.
So very Private Benjamin.
Show your toes some love.