Accessorize Like an American: The Best Red, White and Blue Extras for Your Fourth of July Festivities

Choosing not to wear something red, white or blue on the Fourth of July is kind of like forgoing green on St. Patrick's Day; you can do it, sure, but those around you aren't gonna like it. Independence Day is all about flaunting your national pride, and a patriotic sartorial color palette's the easiest way to do just that. Of course, moderation is key here—take things too far, and suddenly you're looking less like a proud American and more like, well, an American flag on legs.

To that end, I suggest wearing red, white and blue accessories instead. I particularly love the 21 pieces below, all of which feel Uncle Sam-approved but won't leave you feeling like a human firework.

An all-American topper in an all-American color palette.