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An all-American topper in an all-American color palette.
So where's the red? On the sole, obviously!
The perfect, patriotic shield against those sudden summer showers.
These would look amazing with a pair of cropped white skinny jeans.
Made from a recycled sail—you can't get much more authentic nautical than that.
Worn solo or stacked high, these bracelets from Miansai's Michael Saiger are the perfect summertime extras.
The brand calls it "baystripe"; we call it "USA-stripe."
Bored with your go-to cardigan? Wrap a lightweight scarf around your shoulders for an easy evening layer.
You'll want something eye-catching and comfy on your feet when it's time to catch those fireworks; enter these rad sequined sneaks.
Make use of the handy chain strap when it's time to scoop some snow cones.
Pairs perfectly with boyfriend jeans or a little white dress.
Considering she calls Paris home, it's truly incredible how Isabel Marant has such a handle on Americana cool.
Not every Hermès scarf is covered in horses, after all!
The western detailing makes these even more perfect for the most American of holidays.
It may be inspired by an olden-day trinket, but this petite ring makes for a perfect modern bauble you'll never want to take off.
One-step color-blocking: it does exist.
Try it with a simple white tee and cutoffs.
Every bit as classic as a hot dog with all the fixings.
Make your retro-cool duffle the most patriotic one on the block.
Doesn't it already kind of look like a flag?