Initial Here: 13 Classically Cool Signet Rings

The fact that Gwyneth Paltrow not only wears, but clearly endorses pinky rings makes her a million times cooler in our book. (As if she wasn't already cool enough.)

Senior Digital Editor

Signet rings have been worn since ancient times, when they were worn by the upper class as a family status symbol and indication of noble breeding. In the Middle Ages, some even used their engraved rings to seal their letters and personal documents, pressing them into gobs of hot wax to form a unique stamp.

Today's takes on this heritage-steeped classic, of course, are not nearly as literal—though they're still the perfect way to add a personal touch to your jewelry box. Just like the ID bracelet, the signet ring looks even better engraved than it does plain, and it's the sort of piece that has instant heirloom potential. Click through to shop 13 stylish signets we'd love to make our own (by purchasing and then personalizing, of course). Just...keep 'em away from scalding wax, OK?