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The fact that Gwyneth Paltrow not only wears, but clearly endorses pinky rings makes her a million times cooler in our book. (As if she wasn't already cool enough.)
It's a signet sandwich!
Treat your hand to a little hippity-hoppity sparkle.
The sort of timeless classic you'll pass on to your kids someday.
That little shark bite edge makes a clean classic into something a little more subversive.
Minus the usual cigar band and plus a few oversized, incredibly ornate initials, the classic signet gets all fancy on us.
Every bit as cool "kule" as its label would have you believe.
Behold, a diamond ring you can actually treat yourself to.
Shield yourself!
Bonus points if your name actually begins with an H.
A signet with a seriously Southwestern twist.
This shrunken version would look great stacked with a few midi rings—or even worn on your pinky.
Glamour-shy types need not apply.