10 Tips For Finding the Best Vintage Jewelry

Click through the slideshow to get Jillian's top 10 vintage-hunting tips. But if you're more the shop-online-while-watching-reality-TV type (totally my style!) you can also shop Sweet & Spark's vintage pieces!

Web Editor

I have a vintage cameo from my grandmother that I love—I mean really love. If my apartment caught on fire tonight, I would grab it before I remembered to grab my favorite fur coat. That said, whenever I hear about a new vintage jewelry seller, I have to check it out. And when I first stumbled upon Sweet & Spark, I was speechless. Not only is the store stocked with beautiful, classic vintage pieces, but they're also incredibly affordable (we're talking under $100 for many pieces)!

"At the core, we're about gold classics," says founder Jillian Bremer, who works with her dad to find the best pieces for her shop. "There's been so much buzz in the vintage world lately but we have yet to come across a brand that is focusing just on jewelry in an aesthetically pleasing way. Our mission is to bring credibility to the overwhelming world of vintage."

Jillian predicts that pearls will be big news come fall, so she's making sure to stock up on tons of pearl pieces to add to Sweet & Spark's inventory. But as it turns out, bridal baubles are the site's current hottest ticket.

"After many requests from current customers that are getting married, we finally launched our wedding collection. It's been inspiring to work one on one with brides to curate jewelry for their bridesmaids and themselves to wear on their wedding weekends. Usually a bride will send us pictures of both their dress and their bridesmaids, along with some inspiration images, and our team then puts together a few options for them to choose from that aesthetically work together (similar finishes, designs, etc.) since everything is one of a kind."

With Jillian scouring the West Coast and her dad taking up rank on the East, the two have begun to conquer the tricks of the trade. Having racked up thousands of miles hunting for the best vintage across the United States, the father-daughter duo certainly knows their way around a flea market—and Jillian was nice enough to share some of her secrets exclusively with us.