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When you want to wear a pump, there are two features you should avoid: a thin heel and a pointed toe. Try out a rounded or square toe instead so your foot has room to spread comfortably. Make sure you choose a wider, stacked heel to help with balance and support. A wide foot will push more against the sides of a shoe, which can cause you to roll in or out.
When shopping for sandals, avoid cross-foot straps like the plague. Not only might a pinky toe pop out on the side but major blistering could occur. A simple strap between the big toe helps the shoe stay secure without toe spillover. Just make sure the sole is wide enough to ensure your foot is not hanging off the side.
When you have the option of a platform, take it! This Steve Madden shoe is perfectly designed to support the shape of a wide foot. The closed toe gives your foot plenty of room to spread out where a peep toe or strap would cause uncomfortable friction and potential blisters. The ankle strap holds your foot in the right place, which makes sure your weight is spread evenly through the shoe and not just on the widest part of your foot.
For a basic flat, skip the soft sole ballet style all together. Try instead a lace-up oxford. Regular width closed-toed flats tend to run wider and the structured sole and closed toe will keep your foot snug but comfortable.