Which Shoes To Buy When Wide Isn't An Option

Every time I enter a shoe store, I'm haunted by the memory of my mother and my three-year-old self leaving empty handed from yet another store that didn't sell shoes wide enough for my squat feet. Now as an adult size 9 double wide, I have come to the realization that I have only two options: one, I could click my heels together Dorothy-stye and wish for narrow feet petite enough to fit into ruby red slippers (and believe me—I've tried!) or I can make regular-width shoes work for me. When wide widths are available in a shoe and they fit, I strongly reccomend buying out the supply, but when different widths aren't available, keep an eye out for these styles that will still look and feel great.

Check out my picks (and tips!) in the slideshow below.

When shopping for sandals, avoid cross-foot straps like the plague. Not only might a pinky toe pop out on the side but major blistering could occur. A simple strap between the big toe helps the shoe stay secure without toe spillover. Just make sure the sole is wide enough to ensure your foot is not hanging off the side.