DIY: Make Your Own Backdrop Chain Earrings in Five Minutes Flat

Here's my inspiration. In case you were wondering, J. Colby Smith's originals are available at 108 Jewelry Company. But let's try to make our own, shall we?

Senior Digital Editor

Here's the thing: I'm kind of obsessed with fashion's current piercing craze, and with the work of one J. Colby Smith at New York Adorned in particular. He's the go-to guy for folks like Fashionista's Leah Chernikoff, Into the Gloss' Emily Weiss and our own Laurel Pantin—and backdrop chains are one of his signatures. The earring itself consists of little more than a tiny stud backed with a super-short chain that dangles behind the earlobe, but it makes a major impact. Better yet, it's the sort of piercing that even I, a girl with pretty conservative style and only one hole in each earlobe (and nowhere else on my person) can pull off.

Thing is, I didn't exactly feel like spending several hundred dollars on the real deal (a single chain starts at $110, and that doesn't include the cost of the front stud). Plus, I already had tons of tiny stud-style earrings gathering dust in my jewelry box—and more than a few gold-toned chain necklaces, too. Click through below to see how I made my new favorite earrings (seriously, they've earned me far more compliments than any store-bought pair ever has), step by step!


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