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Here's my inspiration. In case you were wondering, J. Colby Smith's originals are available at 108 Jewelry Company. But let's try to make our own, shall we?
1. Gather your tools.

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • One pair of small-ish stud earrings (I used some teensy diamonds I've had forever but rarely wear—until now!)
  • Two short, identical lengths of chain (I cut two one-inch segments off of an old necklace)
  • Dental floss
2. Thread it through.
Pinching and holding one of the pieces of chain by its exact center (if you want the chain to hang symmetrically on either side, that is), lower it through the two loops on an earring backing.
3. Get flossy.
Cut a piece of dental floss on a slant (so the end is pointy—that way you won't even need a needle!), check to be sure your chain hangs to the exact same length on either side, then carefully thread the floss through one of the links on either side just under the backing. This will anchor the hanging chain in place.
4. Knot it up.
Double-knot the floss to secure the length of chain. Note: if you're not quite as obsessive-compulsive as yours truly, you could probably also get away with just tying a tight knot just under the back of the post and skipping the threading-through step entirely.
5. Cut and repeat.
Cut off the loose ends, then repeat steps two through four on the other earring.
6. Yay! New earrings!
You've just made your very own backdrop chain earrings! And since the chain's attached to the backs of the posts only, you can switch things up by wearing them with multiple pairs of studs: simple gold ones, pearls, colored stones, etc. Go wild.