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Fashion bloggers of the world unite!
This could really come in handy during New York Fashion Week.
We love the collection of quotes on offer, but no worries—you can select up to 50 custom characters if you have something else in mind. And remember, smart girls don't wander into the artificially-created Jurassic forest alone!
So subtle, so pretty.
Sweet, elegant and quite beautiful.
Because nobody needs to know how many times I watched Game of Thrones last weekend...
Is it where you were born? Maybe where you were married? Or, in our case, your favorite stomping ground ( 40°45' N -73°58' W)? Bonus points if you can figure out the address!
These are great because you can customize the two words within your bracelet stack. Our suggestions? "Eat cupcakes," "more shoes" and "work it!"
Again, they're customizable—but we like to think we're the boss!
I'm pretty proud to be from the South, and my Tennessee state necklace is almost always layered among my other vintage and Etsy pieces. Rep your home state with pride!