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The woven leather make this bag majorly durable, so don't be afraid to throw extra shoes, bottled water and travel-sized toiletries inside.
The gold stripe lends this a luxe, sporty vibe.
So roomy, you could even fit a towel inside for a quick post-workout shower.
Add to those post-exercise endorphins with the knowledge that your purchase went to a great cause.
You probably already knew this large Longchamp fits literally everything, so you might as well toss your workout gear in there too.
Make that after-hours spin class even more energizing with a pop of pale blue.
Glistens even more brightly than a room full o' free weights.
Don't be worried about bringing this one into the office—it's the ultimate work-to-workout carryall.
The zippered sides give you the option to expand the bag when needed—perfect for fitting in bulky sneakers.
Super-affordable and super-stylish.