Ke$ha's Wild New Jewelry Line: Roses, Skulls and Penises, Oh My!

Senior Digital Editor

Several months back, we learned that glitter-loving pop superstar Ke$ha had been tapped to design a collection for Florida-based jewelry brand Charles Albert. Now, the "Crazy Kids" singer's wares have finally dropped—and shockingly, unlike 99.999 percent of what the celeb sports on the red carpet, her jewels are utterly wearable. Oh, except for the penises.

Yep, among the items on offer are charms, earrings and pendants shaped like a certain part of the male anatomy. Those, while bound to make for perfect bachelorette party favors, might not be an ideal accessory choice for your next 9 am office meeting. As for the colorful carved rose rings, skull-shaped studs, shark teeth charms and bold arrowheads (a Charles Albert signature), however? Those we'd wear in less time than it takes their infamous creator to brush her teeth with a bottle of Jack.

Click through to shop some of our favorite pieces from the Ke$ha Rose by Charles Albert collection—the ones that are still in stock, that is—and head here to browse the full line.