'Knot' Your Average App: Hermès Launches Scarf-Tying Tutorials You Can Watch On Your Phone

Senior Digital Editor

The house of Hermès may have been launched nearly two centuries ago (in 1837!) and be most famous for its timeless leather goods and classic scarves—but with the launch of its first app, the company's proving it's got everything it takes to thrive in the digital age. Silk Knots, available now for both iPhone and iPad, turns the art of scarf-wearing into an interactive experience, and offers step-by-step videos showing you six different ways to tie yours (more will be added each season, too). You can also use the app to shop Hermès' most recent collection highlights and discover "knotting cards" that depict even more ways to wrap, twist and tie your silk accessories.

Oh, and the app is completely free, too, which totally justifies the cost of your required materials—i.e., an Hermès scarf. Right? Check out a teaser video below, then head to the App Store to download Silk Knots for yourself.


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