20 Striking Rings And Bracelets Guaranteed to Catch a Cab Driver's Attention

Senior Digital Editor

Now, I'm not one to complain about fashion week—it's pretty much like homecoming week, but with better shoes. When it comes to hailing taxis in between shows or presentations, however, things can get a little...iffy (and I've got the blisters and tired arms to prove it). Plainly put, it's difficult to stand out from the dozens of other dressed-up, decked-out showgoers vying for available automobiles—especially when you're all standing on the same crowded street corner. To give yourself an added edge, might I suggest picking up one (or more) of the 20 attention-getting, eye-catching rings and bracelets in the slideshow above? A heavily-accessorized, glittering hand virtually guarantees that the first open cab will make a beeline for you. After all, who isn't attracted to shiny things?


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