EXCLUSIVE: Leigh Lezark Collaborates With Schutz On a Party-Perfect Shoe Collection

The DJ-turned-designer, with her signature raven hair intact.

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She may be best known as The Misshapes' leading lady—but now Leigh Lezark, she of the fantastically glossy "shob" and darkly downtown style sense, is dipping a platform-clad toe into the design pool. This Friday marks the launch of her collaboration with Brazil-based footwear brand Schutz, a collection that includes pointy-toed leopard pumps, towering ankle booties, metallic-heeled smoking slippers and triple-buckled flat boots—in other words, shoes tailor-made for the NYC party scene that counts Lezark as a fixture. Read on for my Q&A with the DJ-turned-designer, in which we discuss the best alternatives to stilettos, her NYFW essentials and whether blondes really do have more fun.

Lucky: Tell me a bit about how this collaboration came about. Who approached whom, and what made you want to participate?

Leigh Lezark: [Creative director] Giovanni Bianco and I had such a great experience shooting a video campaign together; it sparked this creative urge in me which Schutz allowed me to fulfill.

What was the design process like for this collection? How hands-on was it, and how did you go about creating and approving the styles?

We met several times to discuss my personal style and how it would translate into silhouettes. I then selected the color palette and materials, which reflect my downtown, edgier side. The most difficult part was waiting to see my designs come to life in the end product!

Who would you most like to see wearing the Leigh Lezark x Schutz collection—besides yourself, of course?

I’d love to see my friends in them, and of course it’d be cool to see girls rocking them at a Misshapes concert!

Obviously they're different, but which would you say is more challenging: DJing a party or designing a pair of shoes?

Designing a pair of shoes has definitely proven to be a challenge!

It's hard to choose, I'm sure, but which one pair from the capsule is your personal favorite—and why?

I like them all, but the occasion definitely calls the shot. I love the platform heel, though—for me, the higher the better.

As a girl who spends a ton of time in heels, what are a few of your tips for making stiletto-wearing a bit more comfortable?

Thankfully I don’t have a problem walking in very tall shoes, but I would say you don’t have to be in towering heels to be sexy; a chunky heel or boot with a cute pair of leather shorts can be just as sexy as high heels and a dress.

This past year, you debuted a new blonde hair color for a bit—but are now back to your signature black. So tell us: do blondes really have more fun? Why'd you decide to go darker again?

I decided on blonde as it’s my natural color and I felt like a change, but went back to black because I felt like changing again. I have fun no matter what color my hair is!

What are a few of your NYFW essentials, fashion-related or otherwise?

A Chanel bag, Kiehl's Skin Rescuer, an Uber car account and black pumps.

There's been a lot of debate about what 2013's "Song of the Summer" was—"Get Lucky," "Blurred Lines," "We Can't Stop," etc. As a musical expert, which song gets your vote?

"Latch" by Disclosure.

Click through above to preview styles from the Leigh Lezark x Schutz collection, available starting September 6 at Schutz stores.


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