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The Accordion One
Best of both worlds: it's got three separate pockets to keep all your stuff from getting too tangled—and yet, from the side, it still looks streamlined.
The Everyday One
Big enough to fit your life in, with a crossbody option that means you'll actually be comfortable while doing that, too. It'll be your default bag.
The Envelope One
Very French-looking, non?
The Ultra-Structured One
Toss stuff in there—important papers, a banana, whatever—without worrying about damaging it. Those walls are like a fortress.
The Saddle One
Restrained and sleek, and yet the shape still gives it a bit of bohemian charm.
The Magnetic Closure One
A lifesaver when you're juggling a coffee and scrolling through Instagram and just can't deal with zippers or weird hardware.
The Exterior Pocket One
Keep your wallet and phone safely inside, then the rest of your essentials on the outside (gum, lipstick, you know) so you don't have to hunt for them.
The Bowler One
The shape's sorta trendy, but the rest of it is timeless.
The Slightly Edgy One
It's the flap that does it for me, so even though the rest of the bag's understated, it still feels like it has a little bit of swagger.
The Oversize Clutch One
The ultimate day-to-night bag.
The Reversible One
Okay, so this one does have a visible logo that makes it not perfectly minimal. But hey, it's teeny, and the bag's leather-to-suede reversibility makes it kind of awesome.