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The Dressy Black Boot
Find one with clean, sharp lines and a little bit of a heel, and it'll be able to swing from dressing up your weekend looks to anchoring your cocktail dresses in a cool, strong way. Click through to shop the look.
The Short, Neutral Boot
There's something about a sandy-colored boot that feels more bohemian than motorcycle-y, so it's a great option when you want a look that's a little more laid-back, a little softer than what a black boot would give you. Click through to shop the look.
The Knee-High Boot
These have a two-pronged power: they've got more presence than a quiet little ankle boot, so when you tuck your jeans into them, you'll feel more "done," like you've got a bit of a showpiece on. Then, when you pair them with a kicky skirt, you eliminate the need for tights—'cause they're covering most of your leg, anyway. (And don't you just want a break from tights sometimes? We do.) Click through to shop the look.
The Indestructible Boot
Whether it's a rubber wellie or a shearling-lined snow boot, you'll need something non-leather and non-suede that can tough it out during bad weather. Or outdoor activities during good weather, like, say, a music festival. Click through to shop the look
The Everyday Black Boot
You'll want one that's mostly flat so you can run errands in it. Beyond that, the toughness or elegance of the boot is totally up to you. Click through to shop the look.
The Statement Boot
You'll want one head-turning boot that totally stands out. Imagine what a lifesaver it'll be when you're running late and feeling blah about your coat-and-jeans combo—it'll turn that all around. Click through to shop the look.