Boot Care 101: Everything You Need to Know (and Own)

Tip #1: Condition, Wear, Repeat

What It's For: leather boots

Why You Need It: Whether your boots are brand new or decade-old standbys, you need this. Dabbing it on new boots seals them from water and shields them from scuffs, while rubbing it into old boots reconditions the leather and makes it supple again.

Digital Fashion Writer

Rain, sleet, snow, wintry mix, miles of walking, apple-picking, muddy football games: thanks to all of this, few things in your wardrobe take a harder hit than your favorite boots, but whether they're leather, suede or even rubber, they'll benefit from these tips above.

From just-out-of-the-box protective measures to fell-in-a-puddle crisis control, they'll keep your default boots looking less abused and more charmingly "well-loved." (Plus, they'll save you serious dollars on shoe repairs, which means, of course, you'll be able to go out and buy another pair of boots sooner than you might've thought. Double win?)


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