Boot Care 101: Everything You Need to Know (and Own)

Tip #2: Invest in a Cedar Boot Tree

What It's For: tall boots

Why You Need It: You don't want to put damp boots directly in front of a heater to dry, because you'll risk overheating the leather and causing cracks in the long run. Instead, you'll want to slip a cedar boot tree into them, because the wood absorbs moisture quickly and naturally—plastic and newspaper just won't cut it. (And yeah, they're expensive, but you really only need one cedar tree to keep in rotation, not a pair for each boot. It's the hour after you wear them that's most crucial for drying and re-shaping them.)




Digital Fashion Writer

Rain, sleet, snow, wintry mix, miles of walking, apple-picking, muddy football games: thanks to all of this, few things in your wardrobe take a harder hit than your favorite boots, but whether they're leather, suede or even rubber, they'll benefit from these tips above.

From just-out-of-the-box protective measures to fell-in-a-puddle crisis control, they'll keep your default boots looking less abused and more charmingly "well-loved." (Plus, they'll save you serious dollars on shoe repairs, which means, of course, you'll be able to go out and buy another pair of boots sooner than you might've thought. Double win?)


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