Animal Ear Accessories: Lovely Or Lame? Lucky Editors Discuss

Click through to find out what our editors REALLY think about those cute little cat-eared accessories.


Of all the hotly-contested trends to pop up on recent runways and red carpets—crop tops, ugly shoes, overalls—few are as utterly divisive as cat-eared accessories. Back in 2009, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were among the first to popularize the look when they both wore Maison Michel's several-hundred-dollar lace headbands to a party in Tokyo. More recently, Taylor Swift modeled a delicate bejeweled version in her "22" music video. And our own editor-in-chief Eva Chen is a self-proclaimed fan of ear-adorned hats.

But outside of Halloween, is it really OK to sport cat ears (or bear ears, or bunny ears) on your head? We asked a handful of Lucky editors what they thought about the some-call-it-twee, some-call-it-sweet trend—and their answers just might surprise you. Click through above for their thoughts!


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