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"If I could wear animal ears every day of the week, I just might—especially if they were Maison Michel. Except, actually, during fashion week. I think they've become a bit tired during fashion week. They're too 'hey, look at me!'" - Eva Chen, editor-in-chief
"Fashion is supposed to be fun! Let your animal ear freak flag fly!" - Maura Lynch, senior beauty editor
"I think they're kind of fun. Then again, I sort of wish every day was Halloween!" - Alexis Bryan Morgan, executive fashion director
"Would I personally wear cat ears on my head? Probably not—although I do sport them on my hand in the form of an oft-complimented Catbird kitty ring. But there's something so adorably kooky about ear-adorned headbands that still manages to attract me. That probably stems from my secret (OK, not so secret) desire to be Taylor Swift—er, minus the boy drama." - Elana Fishman, senior digital editor
"I'm generally not into it if it's a headband (unless it's Maison Michel), but I like the ones attached to little hats—just not on me." - Laurel Pantin, market editor
"Wearing cat ears in your daily life seems equatable to donning vampire teeth, a fugly Christmas sweater or something equally on-trend. They're zeitgeist-y, sure, but such over-the-top thematic accessories should be reserved for special occasions." - Maura Brannigan, digital fashion news writer
"I love them, especially on an otherwise simple, clean hat (like how Eva wears them!). They're so sweet, and just the right amount of whimsical without being too twee. Also, cats!" - Jayna Maleri, senior fashion writer
"I think they're adorable! If people can walk around with huge fluffy pom-poms on their hats, then why not cute little cat ears?" - Noelle Sciacca, associate market editor