Everlane Goes High-End With A New Collection Of Leather Handbags

Senior Digital Editor

Lucky-adored e-tailer Everlane hasn't put a proverbial foot wrong since launching back in 2011; the brand's soft tees are a staff favorite, its weekenders are the perfect size for a spur-of-the-moment trip out of town—and don't even get us started on those cashmere sweaters, which we can't wait to break out once the temperature dips just a teensy bit lower. Still, up until now, the vast majority of Everlane's offerings have been priced at the under-$100 mark—accessibility, after all, is part of the company's mission statement. When leather sandals hit the site this past June, however, we had a feeling Everlane was getting ready to experiment with higher-end goods—a hunch that was just confirmed with the launch of Everlane's new Petra bags this morning.

The brand's first-ever collection of leather totes (Everlane's previous carryalls were all made from canvas or denim), produced in a limited run of just 1,000, were created at an Italian factory reportedly used by big-name luxury brands. Of course, such craftsmanship does come at a price; while the Petra pieces range from $325 to $425 depending on the size you select, that's far less than you'd pay for a similar tote from a European design house.

Point of production isn't the only thing Everlane's new arrivals share with luxury goods, though—the Petra collection already has a waitlist! Click here to reserve a spot for your own Everlane leather bag, and you'll be notified about access at the end of November (just in time for the holidays, coincidentally enough). Click through to preview the three Petra tote styles on offer: The Magazine, The Market and The Portfolio. Which is your favorite?


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