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The Serious Black Bag
Find a professional-looking one big enough to fit a folder of papers or even a laptop so you can carry it to all your important meetings and job interviews.
The Statement Bag
Pick one that packs enough punch to make an otherwise basic outfit interesting, and it'll save you loads of time in running-late moments. (Whether you go with an ornate clutch or a cool tomboy-ish tote is up to you.)
The Neutral Everyday Bag
Because you'll want an option that's a little more casual (and perhaps a little smaller) than your Serious Black Bag. Choose one as classic as these styles, and you'll find yourself living out of it.
The Casual Bag
For the beach, concerts or the farmer's market, you'll need one bag made of a material that's not too precious—think canvas, straw or PVC.
The Colorful Sometimes Bag
For those days when your outfit is begging for a shot of color, not a neutral. (When they happen, you don't want a dark bag dragging you down.)
The Versatile Evening Bag
Opt for a small, ladylike one in a pared-down color palette, and it'll not only go with almost everything, but instantly dress it up, too.