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One's delicate and the other's chunky, but the common colors pull it together.
Choose clashing charms like these for a cool, yin-yang-y contrast.
A gold locket and a string of pearls are both pretty common default necklaces, but wearing them together creates a look that feels more intentionally stylized and memorable.
Pick fabric necklaces in bold, complementary colors that really jump out against each other, or just wear your favorite colors around your neck.
It's very Chanel-y, no?
Lots of girls have an initial or monogram necklace. Pairing yours with a sentimental or lucky number will help you nail a combo that feels even more special and personalized.
Sometimes the answer's right in front of you, and two necklaces from the same brand (like these) make a brilliant combination.
When the eye's not distracted by colored stones or clashing metals, it can really focus on the interesting lines and shapes of two necklaces, like the V-shape and asymmetrical star cluster here.