The Best Accessories For Every Style Type

Whether you're a tomboy, a lady, a minimalist, a maximalist or a total kid at heart, click through to find the perfect accessories for your style type.

Senior Digital Editor

When it comes to getting dressed, we like to think of accessories as the icing on top of our outfits. Sure, too much can ruin a look—but when done right, those little extras just sweeten the whole deal and make everything look way, way better.

Of course, accessories aren't (and shouldn't be!) one-size-fits-all—and that's where we come in. Whether your personal style skews tomboyish, ladylike, minimalist, maximalist or perpetually playful, we've singled out three perfect extras—from jewelry to shoes to bags and beyond—that you've absolutely got to own. Click through above to discover your own style type—and to shop the accessories that suit it best.


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