This Is What a $20,000 Tiara Looks Like

Digital Fashion Writer

Nothing tempers a case of the Mondays quite like a scroll through Net-a-Porter's new arrivals. But while usually it's just a quick distraction for me—a shot of lace dresses and heart-fluttering stilettos to stave off the creeping reality of work and to do lists—today it wasn't. This Ana Khouri tiara jutted out at me like a rock, and I couldn't stop g-chatting about it. I lost at least eleven minutes of productivity.

I mean, I just don't get it. It's pretty and elegant and reminds me of The Neverending Story, so points for that, but the design doesn't account for the fact that it's $20,400 (!!). Nor does the process behind it, which includes "ethically sourcing" the materials and hand-cobbling them together. Even the 18-karat gold doesn't merit the crazy cost, because for the price of the tiara you could buy this 18-karat gold ring, this 18-karat gold necklace and this 18-karat gold bracelet (that's diamond-covered, to boot) and still have money to burn.

All that considered, the tiara's stubbornly expensive, even more so since it doesn't seem to be the sort of thing that people who buy fancy headpieces (brides-to-be, mostly) want. It's too minimal and closer to a D.I.Y.-style easy aesthetic (albeit a pricey one!) than a DeBeers jaw-dropping one. So while I fully understand that Net-a-Porter has customers who buy $30,000 fur coats and $13,000 gem-encrusted skirts on the regular, I just can't picture the ones who will pony up that kind of cash for this basic of a piece. Paint me a picture if you do, will you?


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