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What it takes to make a good outfit great.
A statement necklace, quite literally.
Keep the rest of your look equally minimal: an all-black shift is ideal.
Let everyone think you did the layering.
Everything about this necklace screams "fun!"
Best with something simple and sleek, like a black muscle tee or tight turtleneck.
A pitch perfect mix of sweet and space age-y.
The festive mix of color means it'll match everything.
Because it's made from a vintage ring, this necklace is one of a kind.
Last spotted at an West Egg summer bash.
You need this before the holiday party circuit starts.
Could've been lifted from the Game of Thrones prop closet.
So much better than your average gold chain.
Arts-and-crafts chic.
Can't you picture Kate Bosworth layering this with a chunky cream pullover, cutoffs and ankle booties?
We love how it's styled here, with a top in a contrasting color.
Amazing with every kind of striped shirt.
Such an elegant way to highlight your neck.
Previously owned by an Amazonian warrior princess? Perhaps.
Just the right blend of soft and hard.
Oh so Coco (Chanel, of course).
Say your grandma wore it to Studio 54.
The name says it all, no?
Gold, black and green is such a cool mix of colors.
Aggressive in a good way.
The ultimate party dress accessory.
We love how the color subtly shifts from ruby to sapphire.
Makes even the plainest white tee seem special.
Blue on blue is a pretty pairing.
Layer it under a silk tuxedo blazer.
A little bit ladylike, a little bit punk, this one would work with black leather skirts.
How to look fancy without wearing diamonds or precious jewels.
Begging to be worn with a pastel silk blouse.
Kind of Isabel Marant-ish, so therefore awesome.
Pair it with something more subtle, like delicate diamond stud earrings.
Can't beat a leaf motif.
Wear it with your cat ears?
Pull this one out when you're mixing prints.
Everyone will obsess over the teensy, intricate swirls.
Looks like a string of seaglass.
Save it for Coachella season.
Use it to jazz up an all-white ensemble.
Made from the same iridescent material as disco balls.
We can't decide which we love more: the awesome octagonal shape or the stunning lapis shade.
Very Man Repeller.
Pretend you bought it at a Palm Springs flea market.
McDonalds price, black tie look.
Layered pearls are the very best kind.
Structured enough to anchor a loose, drapey dress.