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Click through for five easy ways to style warm weather footwear for autumn—and beyond!
1. Layer In Socks

Try It With: Footwear with lots of structure, like thick-strapped sandal pumps, ankle booties, heavy canvas sneakers and pointy-toe flats. Avoid any style that stretches on your foot, like ballet flats or lace-up heels, though—it will cause the socks to bunch up.

Why It Works: A cozy anklet softens the severe shape of a architectural shoe (and keeps your toes warm as well, of course).

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2. Add Black Tights

Try It With: So long as you steer clear of warm-weather footwear that exposes your heels, all your toes or both, anything goes!

Why It Works: Since black is the ultimate neutral hue, it's easy to mix and match with footwear from any season.

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3. Wear A Heavyweight Midi

Try It With: Open-toe pumps, preferably with lots of straps or cut-outs. Letting a little skin show beneath a thick fall skirt provides a nice counterbalance.

Why It Works: You'll still be covered up enough to keep warm on chillier days—without sacrificing the bare-legged-ness that looks best with strappy sandal heels.

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4. Bust Out Your Skinny Jeans

Try It With: Everything! Flat sandals, heels of all kinds, boots and high-tops—there's nothing that doesn't match a solid pair of stovepipes.

Why It Works: Completely covered-up legs makes it easier to get away with spring footwear in fall.

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5. Slip On Some Cropped Trousers

Try It With: Heels of all sorts: chunky open-toe sandals, lace-up stilettos and dainty kitten heels all work.

Why It Works: Exposed ankles and a little lift balance the pant's slouchy silhouette.

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