The Madewell Tote That's Taking Over the World

Click through to shop Madewell's ultra-popular "Transport" tote and see how some of our favorite ladies styled it.

Digital Fashion Writer

There's a lot to like about Madewell's "Transport" tote. For starters, there's its seriously practical size, big enough to fit both your work heels and your lunch tupperware. Then there's its material, the kind of supple, warm-toned leather that'll fool people into thinking you bought it in an artisanal leather shop on vacation in Italy. But the best part about it, maybe, is something a little more intangible: its quietness.

With no hardware, embellishment or even a logo, it's discreet in this amazingly versatile, timeless way, and that's probably what makes it so popular. I've been noticing it everywhere lately—but only because I own it, too. If I didn't, my mind wouldn't snag on it quite so much, because it's the opposite of a look-at-me bag. It's just a sneaky, subtle bag that eliminates the need to carry a pretty little handbag on one arm and a giant canvas tote on the other, because it's practical yet polished enough to do both their jobs at once. (Oh, and did I mention it's a not-unreasonable $168, with the option to monogram it for just $10 more?) Click through above to see it in action, then shop some of our other favorite under-$500 leather totes here.


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