Five Types Of Socks To Stockpile Right Now

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Digital Writer

Have you ever pulled together the greatest outfit ever, reached for a matching pair of socks and come up short? It's infuriating, right? Less expected than, say, a split seam or broken zipper, hosiery drama is one of the most annoying fashion emergencies out there—because you never see it coming. You expect something like high-waisted jeans or a crop top to cause problems, but not socks. Those are supposed to be easy.

What's even worse is that you can't, like, just sit down in the moment and knit yourself new socks in five minutes, or have a the new ones delivered before you've finished breakfast. No, the only way to avoid reworking your look around such an obnoxiously minute detail is to already be prepared with each of the five types of socks in the slideshow above. Ranging from ped-length to knee-high and with varying degrees of slouch, my picks include at least one option for any ensemble you might dream up. Even better, I've included inspiring shots of models, editors and cool girls in general wearing each sock type, along with helpful styling tips to ensure you get it right every time. Click through for warm and blister-free feet, no matter what!


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