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1. The Anklet Sock

The barely-there cuff on this style makes it ideal for tucking under slightly cropped skinny jeans: it's high enough to keep your ankles warm, but won't bulk up. Of course, if you want to go bare-legged, it looks mighty cute peeking above low-cut boots and sneakers, too.  

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2. The Tall Sock
Nailing the knee-high and over-the-knee look is all about playing with proportion. During the summer, you need to balance the extreme length with a super-short hemline; then, when it starts to get cold, pair the same style with a slightly shorter boot. (Bonus: besides making your outfit more interesting, it'll also keep your calves toasty and your jeans securely tucked!)
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3. The Slouchy Crew Sock
This style provides more of a lewk than most other socks, so don't cover it up! Wear it with bare legs or rolled-up pants and sticking out of shoes with some heft, like low boots, oxfords and brogues.
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4. The Slim Trouser Sock
Nice and thin, these will slide right into flats without feeling tight. The crew length is ideal for booties that hit right above the ankle as well—just the right amount of fabric will pop out.
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5. The No-Show Sock
When you want to look like there's nothing under your shoes—without getting sweaty feet or blisters—reach for one of these low-cut styles.
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