Katniss Everdeen's Amazing Grey Knitted Cowl From Catching Fire Is Now On Etsy!

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One of the many things I did over this past holiday weekend was see Catching Fire a second time—in IMAX, no less—and I'm so glad I did. Not only did the immense screen allow me to better savor each and every one of Jennifer Lawrence's perfectly-acted facial expressions (seriously, I smell a second Oscar in this girl's future), but it also gave me a much-needed second look at Trish Summerville's incredible wardrobe work.

And while it's hard to pick a favorite look from the film—though Effie Trinket's monarch butterfly dress and Katniss' wedding gown are both strong contenders—all of us on Lucky's web team haven't been able to stop raving about the amazing one-shouldered grey knit cowl the story's heroine wears in the first scene. We were sad to see it curiously absent from Net-a-Porter's Capitol Couture collection—but now, Etsy shop The Great North has answered our YA-lit-loving prayers, having recreated the wooly accessory in perfect detail. At $130, we think the Katniss cowl would make a perfect holiday gift for your favorite Hunger Games fanatic—and hey, it's a heck of a lot more wearable than Effie's gilded eyelashes.

Order yours here!

UPDATE: We've just heard from Maria Dora, the LA-based designer responsible for the original "Katniss cowl" seen in the film, and she informed us that she'll also be producing and selling a version of the knit in the near future. We'll be keeping an eye on her site for sure!

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