35 Excellent Metallic Accessories To See You Through The Holidays

Click through to shop 35 of our favorite metallic accessories currently on the market.

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Senior Digital Editor

There's no better time of year to crank up the shine, sartorially speaking, than during the holidays; cocktail parties and Secret Santa swaps virtually demand that one pile on jewelry with abandon and experiment with shimmery makeup. But if you're a bit nervous to slip into a full-on sequined sheath, a smattering of metallic accessories will absolutely do the trick—and perhaps give you more bang for your buck, too. And from silver-slicked booties and bracelets to gilded clutches, we've searched high and low to single out the best of the best when it comes to this oh-so-festive trend. Click through above to shop 35 metallic accessories that'll add major shine to your holiday ensembles.

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