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Holiday shindigs should be about champange, sugar cookies and general merriment—not limping. Click through for seven ways to ditch your heels this season.
1. Have a minimalist mindset.
Flats—especially of the ballet slipper variety—have less heft than pumps, which makes it way harder to pull off extra fabric and embellishment in your outfit. To ensure the look is properly balanced, it's best to avoid fully covered arms and stick with an above-the-knee silhouette. As for accessories, use your shoes as a guide: if the style's simple, follow suit.
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2. Mix in metallics.

It's kind of miraculous the way silver and gold makes the most casual flat shapes seem fancy. Feel free to add a subtle sprinkle of coordinating jewelry, but avoid matching anything else. It's overkill.

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3. Don't be afraid of moto boots.

So long as they're not dusty or mud-spattered, biker chick booties work well for an evening out. The trick is to counterbalance them with otherwise girly pieces, like a miniskirt and velour sweater.

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4. Go bare-legged.
Some flat-based ensembles are just better without tights. You'll need to wear hosiery outside, of course, so make sure there's enough room in your handbag for a spare pair.
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5. When in doubt, go d'Orsay.
Maybe it's the side dips, or the slightly pointed toe—but something about this design is so elegant. A little ironic considering it feels like a slipper, no?
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6. Anchor an all-black ensemble with statement flats.
Head-to-toe noir reads formal no matter what, so you're free to have fun with your shoes. Go for something sparkly, patterned or with unexpected details—like the cat faces on these velvet slippers.
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7. Fit-and-flares flatter everything.

Although pencil skirts are tough to style with flats, A-line cuts always work! The bell shape naturally creates curves, so you you'll look taller and thinner without the long-legged illusion of heels.

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