Girls Season 3: It’s All About The Earrings

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Girls characters Jessa, Hannah and Shoshanna have all sported major statement earrings in the past couple of episodes—and we're loving the look. Click through to see and shop their over-the-top accessories!

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Senior Digital Editor

We couldn’t be happier that HBO’s Girls, our favorite show about dysfunctional Manhattan 20-somethings that makes us seem relatively emotionally stable in comparison, is finally back on the air. We’re currently three episodes deep in the series’ third season, and a lot has already happened—Hannah and Marnie sang Rent, Shoshanna started smoking cigarettes (no, Shosh!), Jessa got booted from her rehab program and, of course, Adam's terrifying sister shattered a glass with her bare hands. And while Girls never really set out to break new ground where fashion is concerned (costume designer Jenn Rogien’s famously said that she tailors certain characters’ clothing to make it seem more ill-fitting), it’s once again managing to do so anyway.

Case in point? The statement earrings central players Hannah, Jessa and Shoshanna have all been spotted wearing during the past couple of episodes—scene-stealers, all. As for the other most prominent item of jewelry to appear thus far this season, the tooth-on-a-chain Adam gifted Hannah for her birthday? Let's not even go there. Click through above to check out the girls of Girls' over-the-top earrings—and to shop similar options, too.

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