Seven Modern Ways To Wear a Choker

1. Layer it over a turtleneck.

When your high-collared sweaters feel too demure, a slightly subversive metal necklace gives the look just enough tension. (For extra credit, add coordinating statement cuffs on each sleeve like Margherita Missoni did here.)

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Associate Digital Editor

For a certain set of '80s-born, '90s-bred ladies, a choker is made of a thin loop of thread or ribbon and sometimes looks like a henna tattoo. It's a stretchy band of velvet that Sarah Michelle Geller, highlighted bangs held back with rainbow butterfly clips, wraps around her throat before fighting vampires. Some styles include a single dangling charm (perhaps a smiley face or peace sign?) or FIMO beads woven in. The last one they bought was from Claire's Accessories, and that was 15 years ago.

That said, super-short necklaces these days—and the rules for wearing one—are nothing like those of a Gen Y-er's youth. In the slideshow above, I've included seven simple ways to wear chokers post-millennium, none of which will remind people of a grunged-out Rayanne Graff or Ever After-era Drew Barrymore (not that either or those are necessarily bad things!). Click through to see and shop each look now.

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