Madonna Wears Gold Grills To The Grammys

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Madonna might be 55 years old, but the music icon’s proved time and time again that she’s still just one of the kids. Exhibit A? While walking the Grammys red carpet hand in hand with son David Banda tonight, Madge sported a crisp black Ralph Lauren tuxedo accessorized with a matching broad-brimmed hat, cane, beaded fingerless glove and—wait for it—a set of gold grills. Well, alright then.

After explaining to Ryan Seacrest that she chose to wear her gilded dental accessory simply because “it pisses people off,” she pointed out that it surprisingly doesn’t get in the way of her everyday activities. “I’ve learned to eat with my grill in,” she said.

As for eight-year-old David, he’s actually jealous of his mom’s tooth jewelry. “She said I could get a grill for my birthday,” he told Ryan—only to have Mom shut the conversation down immediately. “You have to go to the dentist and get a mold made first,” she explained, trying to hush her son. Well, there’s a mommy-and-me style statement we’d be interested to see…


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