12 Shoe and Handbag Combos For a Seamlessly Chic Post-Commute Switch

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We prefer our winter boots outside, thank you very much. For 12 pairs of shoes that work better indoors, each with a matching handbag to hold them, keep clicking.

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More than denim cutoff temperatures, more than popsicles for dessert, more than sunscreen smell everywhere (which for some may be a bad thing; I happen to have a Proustian attachment to it), what I miss most about summer is the shoe-friendly weather. There's no worrying whether the icy sidewalks will leave salt stains on my nubuck booties or if it's way too chilly for D'Orsay flats—I can just throw on whatever footwear looks best and be done with it. It's so much less complicated.

Now, don't get me wrong: it's not that I don't appreciate the waterproof powers of duck boots and wellies; my problem is with the militant, Martha Stewart-level planning that goes into wearing something less resilient. Not only do I have to pick a second set of shoes that work with my outfit, but ones that fit in a coordinating handbag as well. Life would be easier if I had a few of the pre-packaged shoe/purse combos in the slideshow above—each meant for a different type of occasion—stashed in my closet and ready to go. I'm already sold on slides eight and eleven (bonus: those Marais bow flats are spring 2014's It color)—click through to find a few pairings that work for you. (Winter is, after all, sticking around for at least another six weeks, so why not make it a little more pleasant?)

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